Templates & Printing Instructions

Printing Made Quick & Easy . . . here's how.

Now it's easier than ever to print your wedding invitations, baby announcements, party invitations and much more with these easy to use templates and instructions. Check out the printing tips page for helpful printing Q & A.

Templates & Instructions

Find the product picture for the type of product you purchased (i.e. Letterhead, 2-up Invitations, Tri-fold Brochures, etc.) Below the picture will be the links for printing templates and/or printing instructions. Select which option you want, click on it and you're on your way to printing your own unique sentiments.

You will need Microsoft Word® (or a program that can open Word® documents) to use these templates and instructions. Microsoft Word® 97 is necessary to view the templates correctly. If you have a lower version of Word®, we recommend visiting Microsoft for the latest downloadable upgrades.

We cannot guarantee that these templates and instructions will work with every printer and software due to the various types of equipment and programs available. These templates and instructions were created to be used with Microsoft Word®.

Printing Tips

Check out the printing tips page if you are having some questions or encountering problems. Chances are someone else had the same question!

Choose From The Products Below:
Letterhead/Borders #10 Envelopes Business Cards Tri-Fold Brochures
2-Up Invitations – card lies vertically 2-Up Invitations – card lies horizontally Post Cards Address Labels
Flat Cards Vertical Orientation Flat Card Horizontal Orientation Note Cards Bulletins
Place Cards – Great Papers Place Cards Geographics RSVP Cards Tear-Off Tickets
Slim Invites 3-Up Gift Certificate Certificates Greeting Cards
Meringue Slim Invites Meringue Invitation Gold Seals