3-Up Gift Certificate

• Click on FILE, then PAGE SETUP.

• In PAGE SETUP, click on the MARGINS tab.

• Set the top margin to: .3"

• Set the bottom margin to: .3"

• Set the right margin to: .3"

• Set the left margin to: .3"

NOTE: If the printing area of the 3up has a border you will need to measure that and include that in your above margin measurements.

• Click OK.

• Type your text.

• Enter down until you are at about 3.5" on your ruler.

• Copy your text from your first card into the next. (To copy your text, highlight text and under EDIT select COPY. Click on your document at 3.5" and under EDIT select PASTE).

• Enter down until you are at about 7.25"

• Repeat set number 11.

• Test print on a blank sheet of paper and compare with design product to make sure that text lines up correctly. Make any adjustments to text at this time.

• Once you are satisfied with your layout, print on your 3 up Photo Paper/Gift Certificate.