Printing Tips

Have questions about printing on your products? You've come to the right place for printing tips. Look below for helpful tips and hints when printing on our products. If you don't see your question, e-mail us at In order for us to serve you quickly, please include the item number, if known, or a description of the item in your e-mail.

If you have questions you would like addressed on the printing tips page send it to with the subject line of "Printing Tips Question" and we will post it on the site.

Q: These templates are not working with my printer.
A: If your printer tray has a single guide that moves to the right, these templates and instructions apply. If your printer tray has 2 paper guides that move to the center to adjust size, these templates and instructions will not apply. As an alternative, center your text in a normal Word document.

Q: The text is running over my design, why is that?
A: The templates were set up with a blank design in mind so you will have to allow for any design on your product in your measurements and/or spacing.

Q: How do I change my font style, size, and color?
A: Highlight the font area you would like to change and click FORMAT at the top of your screen, and then choose FONT. Click OK. From there you should be able to change the font style, size, and color.

Q: How do I get rid of the centering option on the templates?
A: To adjust the text in the template click FORMAT at the top of your screen, choose PARAGRAPH. Then select the preferred alignment (left, right, center).

Q: Why are the templates all up in the left hand corner of the page?
A: The templates are set up to work with most standard home printers. Generally printers that have one guide bar that pushes the paper to the right in the tray. If you your printer has two guide bars and centers the paper instead of pushing it to the right you should be able to open up a new Microsoft Word document and center your text and then print.

Please Note: Remember to test print on a blank sheet of paper and compare with the design product to make sure that text lines up correctly. We suggest overlapping them and holding them up to the light. Some adjustments might need to be made depending on the design you have purchased, font size, & the text you have entered.

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