Printer Compatibility

All of our papers are compatible with laser printers, ink jet printers and copiers. The few exceptions are clearly marked.

What are the differences between a laser printer and an inkjet printer?

The main difference between laser and inkjet printers is in the process of printing. The laser printer drops toner granules down on the area of imprint and applies heat to that area to create the finished image; whereas the inkjet printer lays down tiny droplets of ink to form the finished image. Traditionally, laser printers had been known to provide more clear and crisp results than inkjet printers. Today, with the advancement of technology, inkjet manufacturers have found a way, in this technology of quick drying inks and nozzles on print heads, to further better the finished results of print imagery, and have, in some cases, surpassed the level of quality that laser printers had achieved in the past. One thing to bear in mind is that all laser printers and inkjet printers are not created alike!

Some of the distinguishing characteristics of printers are:

• The paper feeding mechanisms: do they feed from a bottom tray, do they feed from the back, or do they gravity feed down and out? This feature can be extremely important especially when cardstock(s) are being considered for use.

• Some printers will only feed certain size stocks or certain weight papers. Consult your users manual for limitations on weights and size.

• Ink cartridges that are used on some printers do not always have the same drying time as inks on other equivalent printers.